[NEWS] Figure skating champion of scholarships because of the Navka

The Ukrainian figure skater performed at the Scarlet Flower ice show in July. In the performance, the 53-year-old athlete plays the role of the father of the main character Nastya. The decree notes that Petrenko “stopped participating in the training process, training athletes for national teams in Olympic sports and activities to develop the public physical culture and sports movement.

Viktor Petrenko as part of the United Team became the 1992 Olympic champion in men’s singles. In 1992 he became the world champion, in 1990, 1991, 1994 – the European champion. The figure skater has already been expelled from the Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation, calling the athlete’s behavior “unacceptable”. In Russia, this decision was reacted negatively.

Previously, the honored coach of Russia Alexander Zhulin reacted to the exclusion of the Olympic champion – 1992 Viktor Petrenko from the Figure Skating Federation of Ukraine for participating in the ice show of Navka “The Scarlet Flower”, saying that he would support the Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) if they took part in the show Tatyana Navka. However, the coach noted, Petrenko did nothing to get him hired by the Russian Figure Skating Federation.