[News] Can an old house turn out to be a legal trap? We check

buildings from the times of the Polish People’s Republic, and even the Second Polish Republic, are sometimes located very close to the road or neighboring buildings. MarketPierwotny.pl experts decided to clarify whether this is a problem in the context of the current regulations. Other legal complications are also worth mentioning. 

The situation related to the decline in Poles’ creditworthiness may be less severe for lower-priced property owners. Demand for cheap flats and houses is likely to decline to a lesser extent. This is because not all potential real estate buyers can translate their housing plans into, for example, the second half of the current decade. Financial markets, however, expect that in two years the main NBP rate will be close to the current one or slightly lower. This is confirmed by the quotations of FRA contracts. In such circumstances, interest in older homes (also for renovation) may increase permanently. 

In the context of the current construction law, it is rarely mentioned about their possible application to older buildings. Important information on this subject is contained in the Ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure of April 12, 2002 on the technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location. The aforementioned legal act in paragraph 330 informs that its provisions should not apply to buildings that were built on the basis of a permit issued before December 16, 2002.