Majority Say Joe Biden Is Deliberately Encouraging Illegal Immigration


A majority of voters believe His Fraudulency Joe Biden is deliberately encouraging illegal immigration.

Rasmussen Reports asked 1,000 likely voters, “Is the Biden administration purposefully encouraging illegal immigration?” Only 34 percent said no, while a majority of 51 percent said yes. Those who are “not sure” totaled 15 percent.

A full 78 percent of Republicans believe Biden is deliberately encouraging illegals to swarm our borders (only 13 percent said no), as do a plurality of Independents at 46 percent (34 percent said no). Even 30 percent of Democrats believe Biden is purposefully doing this; only 54 percent said no.



How do we know this…?


Even with the establishment’s full head of steam in opposing him, former President Trump came pretty close to solving the illegal immigration problem. If Biden wanted to stop illegal aliens from coming into America, all he had to do was say two words: “Carry on.” That’s all he had to do. The fact Biden has not done that was a choice — and there can be only one reason to make that choice and that’s the desire to flood America with illegal aliens.

Why do Democrats and the media and Hollywood and Big Tech want to swarm America with illegals?

Well, it’s no secret. They have told us why… Cheap, exploitable labor and the craven desire to turn America into California.

California was once a reliably Republican state. Demographics, thanks almost entirely to illegal immigration, made it a reliably far-left state.

Democrats see illegals as more compliant and more in line with left-wing ideals than American-born voters. The desire to use illegal aliens to turn Texas into a Democrat state and therefore put a lock on the presidential electoral college, is also something Democrats have not kept secret.

Haitian migrants use a dam to cross to and from the United States from Mexico, Friday, Sept. 17, 2021, in Del Rio, Texas. Thousands of Haitian migrants have assembled under and around a bridge in Del Rio presenting the Biden administration with a fresh and immediate challenge as it tries to manage large numbers of asylum-seekers who have been reaching U.S. soil. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Haitian migrants use a dam to cross to and from the United States from Mexico, Friday, Sept. 17, 2021, in Del Rio, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

You see, Democrats don’t care about all the horrors that comes with open borders. Democrats don’t care about the sex trafficking of little girls, the deadly drugs, the violent crime… Democrats don’t care that illegals suppress the wages of the working class, increase housing costs, or steals jobs from Americans and legal immigrants…

Just like Hitler and Stalin, Democrats have no moral code other that what advances their cause to hold power. If their policies result in your children being sexually defiled, your business being closed, your town being burned and looted, so be it. If the road to Democrats having a permanent majority means sex-trafficking and rape and murder and drug overdoses and job losses and burnt-out cities, so be it.

The extreme left have seized control of the Democrat party, the media, entertainment, and Big Tech, and they are coming for your children, your schools, your job, your quality of life, and most especially your church.

To achieve this goal, they have opened the borders, openly sought to institutionalize grooming, released countless predators into the streets, invented the debunked climate change hoax, and aligned with the terrorists in Black Lives Matter.

This is not a drill.

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