‘Like a dragon trail.’ Eerie aftermath of downed power line found in Nebraska soil


A downed power line in Nebraska has been identified as the source of eerie markings in the ground that resemble mythical dragon’s breath.

This includes scorched grass, melted soil and mysterious vein-like appendages reaching in all directions.

It happened April 22 in Polk County, according to the Polk County Rural Public Power District. The county is about 100 miles west of downtown Omaha.

“We always stress to stay away from a down power line as they may still be energized,” the district wrote.

“Today we got a call that there was a line down, and when the lineman arrived, this is what they found. This awesome photo shows with the line down how the electricity was moving through the soil thanks to the perfect mixture of soil conditions.”

A photo shared on Facebook shows the scorched trail was almost double the length of the service vehicle sent to the scene.

Polk County Rural Public Power District, which maintains about 1,100 square miles of line, didn’t say how many volts were being transmitted by the line. But typical overhead distribution lines carry 7,200 volts per wire, while major transmission lines hold 500,000 volts, experts say.

“When a live wire touches the ground, electricity ripples out through the ground,” Stearns Electric Association reports. “The minimum safe distance from a downed power line is 35 feet, but we recommend staying at least 50 feet away.”

The power district’s photo has gotten hundreds of reactions and comments on social media, including some who noted it offered visual proof of an invisible danger.

“Makes me think what could happen,” Lonna Flodman wrote on Facebook.

“Looks like a dragon trail,” Norm Baker said.

“Both awesome and frightening,” Janice Jablonski posted.

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