Jimmy Kimmel Taunts ‘Perjury’ Taylor Greene After Disastrous Court Appearance


“I actually met some of the Capitol Police,” Kimmel said, noting he was in Washington D.C. over the weekend for the Mark Twain Prize ceremony honoring Jon Stewart. “I think I’m going to be OK. There was no APB put out, I was able to walk freely around the city.”

Then he returned to the business of making more jokes about the “Greene Goblin” ― specifically about Greene’s disastrous court appearance last week where she repeatedly claimed she couldn’t remember many of her own statements.

“She played even dumber than she actually is,” Kimmel said as he showed clips of her most awkward moments under oath, at one point calling her “Perjury” before correcting himself to “Marjorie.”

Kimmel also created a new product just to help her remember: