Ivanka Got Real Quiet Real Fast in the Group Text After Nov. 6


Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty

Ivanka Trump texted Hope Hicks, Jared Kushner, Mark Meadows, Jason Miller, Dan Scavino and Bill Stepien on Nov. 6, 2020: “You are all WARRIORS of epic proportions! Keep the faith and the fight!”

That’s the only text the former First Daughter initiated among the 2,319 CNN-obtained text messages between Trump’s inner circle from the days after the 2020 election. Something about that feels peculiar to The New Abnormal podcast co-host Andy Levy.

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“I don’t even think everything was officially called on Nov. 5,” says Andy. “At that point, it’s one thing to say, ‘keep the fight.’ It’s her dad, whatever. But she’s conspicuously absent from any of these other texts. Like once things start getting crazy with Dominion and the voting machines, and, you know, whatever. So I kind of feel like she probably does have enough of a brain to realize probably by like Nov. 7 or 8 that this thing was done. Or am I just giving her too much credit?”

Co-host Molly Jong-Fast says, yes, that is giving her too much credit: “She’s not real smart, but she is real supportive, which I guess we see in this text message.”

The duo analyze more of the Team Trump text interactions including a few from Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jason Miller to Mark Meadows.

“They shifted the texts from the morning of Jan. 6. They’re all, ‘You gotta get the president to stop this. The president needs to tell his people to stop doing this.’ And then by like a little before four o’clock, they all start saying, ‘You know, we now have to start saying that this was Antifa and this wasn’t a MAGA riot,” says Andy.

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Also on the podcast: Congressman Ro Khanna (D-CA) shares his take on Elon Musk and Twitter, and what President Biden can do to help Americans afford these insanely high gas prices.

Plus! Amanda Litman, Co-Founder & Co-Executive Director of Run for Something, says one particular piece of failed legislation inspired a ton of new people to run for office.

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