Guinness World Records: Chinese man clocks most muscle ups in one hour


Guinness World Records 2022 recently announced that Chinese man Xiao Lin has clocked most muscle ups in one hour by performing 402 reps in an hour to create the remarkable record.

The video of Lin performing the fitness activity was shared by Guinness Records on its Instagram page. Lin, an university student and a fitness enthusiast, created the record on November 28, 2021, at China’s Ji’an, Jiangxi’s Ji’an Sports Centre,

Take a look.

What are muscle ups?

Muscle ups are advanced strength exercises that fall within the domain of calisthenics or bodyweight routines. The exercise is a combination of pull-ups and dips done holding a chin up bar in the overhand pull-up position.


Muscle ups are known to enhance upper body strength as they activate the triceps, lats, deltoids, and pectorals. They also improve grip strength, and improve mobility.

How to do it?

*Hold a pull up bar.
*Use a false grip with your thumbs above the bar
*With the body in a hollow hold position, keep the upper back engaged, legs straight, and toes pointed out.
*Similar to a pull up, lift the body up. As soon as the chest is higher than the bar, lean forward and push into the bar with a dip movement.
*Lower yourself carefully.

Pro tip: Keep the arms fully extended and at shoulder-wider apart.

How are they different from pull ups?

“Muscle ups look similar to pull ups, but instead of pulling yourself up to the chin level, you pull the body all the way up to the waist and extend your hands at the top. It’s like trying to climb a wall while pulling yourself up all the way,” said certified fitness trainer Sameeran Chetia.

Is it for everyone?

It’s a super advanced workout and is not for everyone, said Chetia. “You need immense arm, core and grip strength to perform this movement,” he said.

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