Galactic Starcruiser, and it was so worth it


Catie and her family in costumes posing in front of the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser sign

My family of three spent two nights at Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.Catie Sullivan

  • My family and I went on a two-night “voyage” on Disney World’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.

  • The experience cost us about $6,550 and came with VIP perks, gourmet meals, and a cool room.

  • We loved doing the missions and exploring the “ship,” and we’d consider going back.

My family of three spent $6,559.18 (including trip insurance) for a two-night stay on Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, the Halcyon.

The Starcruiser hotel is Disney World’s new, immersive experience that might be best described as a combination of a hotel, dinner theater, choose-your-own adventure, and escape room. Although it’s not necessary, you’ll get more out of it if you choose to play along as part of the story.

Here’s what our two-night “voyage” was like and why we’d do it again:

Our adventure began a little before 1 p.m. on the first day

Guests were encouraged to dress up in their “galactic best” during the experience, so my family wore “Star Wars”-inspired outfits. Many other guests did, too.

When we arrived at the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser port, we were given special Magic Bands, called M-Bands on the ship. The plastic bands are used throughout Disney World and connect guests with their data using simple taps.

Catie and her ffamily wearing their M bands on their wrist

Our M-Bands had a special design.Catie Sullivan

We also logged in to our Datapads, a program within Disney’s Play app that’s used to receive communications and missions from cast members, what Disney calls its employees.

Catie's son (a kid with blue hair in a costume)  on a phone on the datapad app

My son connected to the Datapads on a phone.Catie Sullivan

A cast member also took our luggage, which was delivered to our room later in the afternoon.

From there, we were taken into a launch pod that brought us from the Starcruiser port to the Halcyon itself

The Halcyon was where our immersive experience took place, and it was designed to feel like we were on a ship in space as soon as we set foot inside.

The Star Wars launch pod entrance with round doors and people filing in

The doors of the launch pod looked like they were on a real ship.Catie Sullivan

Once we docked with the Halcyon, the launch-pod doors opened to show a spacious atrium.

The atrium area which looks like the inside of a ship with glowing seats and screens

The atrium was filled with lights.Catie Sullivan

We also saw the bridge, which was where the Halcyon was operated from.

The bridge area of the Galactic Starcruiser with glowing orange control pads and screens that look like windows showing space

The bridge had an orange glow.Catie Sullivan

And we checked out the Sublight Lounge, which had a bar and tables with digital sabacc, a kind of mix between blackjack and poker.

The bar served “Star Wars“-themed drinks and a few small bites, including smoked cheese and flatbreads.

The Starcruiser lounge, with purple lighting and big tables with people pressing buttons

The Sublight Lounge had a bar.Catie Sullivan

A cast member escorted us to our room and showed us the features of it

Our room looked like what I imagine a cruise-ship room in the “Star Wars” universe to be. It slept up to four people, with a queen bed and a set of bunk beds.

The interior of the Starcruiser room with white sheets and an orange design on top and bunk beds built into the wall

Our Starcruiser room could sleep four people.Catie Sullivan

One wall of our room had a panel with D3-O9, a virtual artificial-intelligence assistant.

You could speak with D3-O9, and she’d answer questions about the ship. She proved to be a reliable source of information once the story got underway.

My son talking to the droid panel in the wall

My son was able to speak with D3-O9 in our room.Catie Sullivan

Next, we explored the rest of the ship

Initially, our access to some of the rooms was restricted, but by using the ship’s consoles and our Datapads, we were able to get into other areas.

a console in the star wars hotel with buttons

There are consoles throughout the “ship.”Catie Sullivan

We explored parts of the ship, such as the engineering room, brig, and cargo hold.

the engineering room on the star wars starcruiser hotel, with faux pipes and metal on the walls

The engineering room looked pretty cool.Catie Sullivan

For lunch, we headed back to the Crown of Corellia Dining Room

Food was served buffet style, with small portions of each selection available.

It had generally familiar foods with unique names that were presented in an unusual way, such as chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese (Dipped Tip Yip Chicken with Noodle Cheese) or a salad (Gardengrow Greens).

Unlimited drinks, including the iconic blue “milk” and green “milk,” were included. The “milk” drinks are plant-based and can be ordered at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, where one cup usually costs about $8.

a tray of lunch and blue milk at the star wars galactic starcruiser

I got blue “milk” with my lunch.Catie Sullivan

After exploring the ship a bit more, we headed to the atrium for the muster, the first event listed in our Datapad

The muster was where the story really kicked off, and we were introduced to the main characters and conflict.

Characters, including the ship’s captain, spoke with us, and we were able to engage with the story by consulting our Datapads, where we received communications from the cast and instructions on how to complete missions.

There were plans on how to smuggle items off Batuu the next day, as well as people in need of avoiding contact with the authorities.

The missions continued for the rest of the afternoon and evening through bridge training, where we learned how to operate the Halcyon, and lightsaber training, where we learned the history of the weapon and how to use it.

My son with a lightsaber at the training in a blue-lit room on the starcruiser

My son did lightsaber training.Catie Sullivan

Dinner was also served in the Crown of Corellia Dining Room

This time, our meal was a more formal sit-down dinner. There was also a live show by the galactic-famous singer Gaya.

Crown of Corelia dining room  with empty seats and a round light above the tables

The Corellia Dining Room was out of this world.Catie Sullivan

Most of the dishes were a molecular-gastronomy take on Asian flavors, and they were all delicious.

Everyone got appetizers, their choice of a gourmet entrée, and dessert. A separate, more basic menu for “younglings” was also available.

dinner at corelia dinning room, clear trays with food inside and tongs

Dinner was a unique experience.Catie Sullivan

We went to a final gathering in the atrium, then we headed back to our room for bed.

After a quick breakfast, we boarded a transport for our excursion to Batuu

Breakfast was in the same dining room, and the presentation was similar to the lunch we had the day before. It was served buffet style with offerings such as yogurt and scrambled eggs.

The transport to Batuu led to a separate entrance at Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios. We were given untimed Lightning Lane passes that gave us priority boarding for the rides Smugglers Run and Rise of the Resistance.

Guests usually have to pay extra for Lightning Lane passes. Buying one for an individual ride can cost about $7 to $15, depending on how popular the attraction is, and each person can usually buy only two passes per day.

Additionally, we had made reservations ahead of time for “Star Wars“-themed activities in the park that weren’t part of the Starcruiser stay: getting drinks at Oga’s Cantina and building droids at the Droid Depot.


We spent our afternoon in Galaxy’s Edge.Catie Sullivan

We also had a dining credit at Docking Bay, a fast-casual restaurant in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. But by the time lunch came around, it was easier to head back to the Halcyon for a crowd-free dining experience.

Once back on the Halcyon, we participated in more onboard activities and got dinner

The activities included droid racing (with remote-controlled toys), a sabacc tournament, and Sector Set (similar to bingo).

A photo of my son playing Sabbac next to a photo of him sitting onthe floor with. aremote control racing a small droid

My son played sabacc (left) and raced a droid (right).Catie Sullivan

The story intensified later in the afternoon, and we spent time fulfilling missions, such as speaking with certain characters and participating in covert meetings with other passengers and cast members.

Dinner that night was a “Taste Around the Galaxy” showcase, which featured dishes from different parts of the “Star Wars” galaxy. The plates all looked cool, from the blue-colored shrimp to funky-looking desserts.

blue shrimp. on a plate next  to a phot of o a purple, round dessert with chocolate sticks on top

The food was presented well, and we had blue-colored shrimp and round desserts.Catie Sullivan

In the atrium, the evening culminated in a spectacular conclusion to the storyline. After a short celebration, we headed to our room for bed.

We spent our last morning getting ready, packing up our souvenirs, and savoring our final breakfast on the ship. Cast members took our luggage, and we disembarked the Halcyon via a launch pod that brought us back to the Galactic spaceport.

Overall, our stay on the Galactic Starcruiser was well worth it

family at the entrance of the starcruiser

family at the entrance of the starcruiser

My family thought our trip on Disney’s Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser was worth it.Catie Sullivan

It was an expensive stay, but the attention to detail made it seem like we were living in the “Star Wars” universe.

Admission to Hollywood Studios, preferred access to the rides in Galaxy’s Edge, and unlimited gourmet food added to the value of the trip.

Additionally, the service was impeccable, and we felt like VIP guests throughout our visit. We’re glad we booked our stay and may even consider a return trip.

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