Every Senate Dem Voted Against Keeping Title 42 Last Year


On Monday’s broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Guy Benson Show,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) reacted to Senate Democrats coming out in opposition to the Biden administration’s plan to revoke Title 42 by stating that every single Democrat voted against an amendment he offered in 2021 to keep Title 42 in place.

Cruz stated, [relevant remarks begin around 1:28:00] “You’ve got a bunch of Democrats on the ballot in November who are suddenly scared. They’ve discovered that people don’t like chaos, they don’t like crime, they don’t like disease, they don’t like human suffering and children being physically assaulted, sexually assaulted. Title 42 is the one tool remaining that allows adult males to be removed when they pose a risk of spreading the pandemic. And yet the Biden administration, while trying to enforce illegal vaccine mandates on American citizens, while trying to impose mask mandates on just about everybody, simultaneously, is saying if you’re an illegal alien, never mind, we’ll just let you go and see what happens. And suddenly, a bunch of Democrats on the ballot in November realize wow, the American people don’t like this.”

He continued, “When they had a chance to vote on it last year, I introduced an amendment to enshrine, to protect Title 42, to ensure that we were protecting public safety, and every single Democrat in the Senate voted no. That means Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada voted no, that means Mark Kelly in Arizona voted no, that means Raphael Warnock in Georgia voted no, that means Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire voted no. Now, they’re trying to run away from that vote. But notably, they’re just giving lame statements to the press. … So, they want to give an empty statement to the press, but at the same time, give Joe Biden the green light to undermine our safety even more.”

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