CNN Doubling Down on Losers with CNN+ Collapse, Interviewing Keith Olbermann, Brian Williams


Even in the face of the massive failure of CNN+ shutting down after only a month in operation, parent outlet CNN is doubling down on failure by interviewing Keith Olbermann and Brian Williams for possible new cable gigs.

CNN launched its streaming service just before the arrival of the cable news outlet’s new bosses, who came in to take over management after the Warner Bros. and Discovery merger.

The new bosses seem to have moved quickly to end the disastrous rollout of the streaming service. But shuttering CNN+ after wasting $300 million left them with a pile of anchors without gigs and only one spot to fill.

With the hour once hosted by Chris “Fredo” Cuomo needing to be filled, a long list of hopefuls who want to take the gig.

Unsurprisingly, CNN interviewed two more disgraced losers for Cuomo’s spot.

According to Yahoo News, disgraced former network news anchor Brian Williams and repeatedly fired “sports” commentator Keith Olbermann have also spoken to CNN about coming on as Cuomo’s replacement.

Williams, of course, was fired as anchor of NBC Nightly News after finally being called out for embellishing his personal exploits — especially for saying he was fired upon during a visit to Iraq.

Olbermann is also bad, if not worse. He has spent years launching spittle-specked rants attacking anyone he has political disagreements with. His unhinged screeching fills his Twitter feed with liberal use of the “f-word” and a constant stream of accusations that everyone he disagrees with is a “Nazi,” a “racist,” or a “white supremacist.”

For just a few examples:

More recently, Olbermann called for the elimination of free speech for Fox News hosts, including Tucker Carlson, and even wanted Carlson arrested for daring to espouse conservative ideals.

There are too many examples to be included here, but Olbermann is one of the most unhinged haters in the media today. And CNN is seriously considering hiring him to replace Fredo.

Clearly, the CNN+ mess taught them nothing.

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