Century-old Russian rescue ship ‘trying to salvage missiles’ from sunken Moskva – Bild


Cruiser Moscow before going to the bottom

Cruiser Moscow before going to the bottom

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“Russia is trying to dredge up anti-ship and AA missiles from the sunken Moskva, along with classified documents and military equipment,” Bild’s message said.

Given the size of Moskva (the ship was 187 meters long), the ancient 110-year-old Commune will probably not be able to salvage the cruiser whole.

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Commune was commissioned in 1912, and is one of the oldest serving navy vessels in the world.

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On April 13, Ukraine’s Navy hit the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, missile cruiser Moskva, with two Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship missiles, fired from a coastal battery. Russia later confirmed the ship has sunk after its ammunition detonated.