Bill Hader’s Daughter Savagely Pranked Him In Chris Pratt Encounter


Actor Bill Hader got pranked so wickedly by his daughter that he saw dollar signs in their future. (Watch the video below.)

Hader, the ex-“Saturday Night Live” comic who now stars in HBO’s “Barry,” told Jimmy Kimmel on Monday about dining out with his three girls at a Los Angeles restaurant when movie star Chris Pratt walked in.

Hader pointed out the “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor and asked the kids to stay calm. His then-8-year-old, now 9, exclaimed, “Oh my God!” and declared that she knew Pratt’s son.

She asked if she could say hello, but Hader said no. She asked again later and Hader relented. He awkwardly introduced himself and told the “Jurassic World” actor that his daughter knows Pratt’s son.

“And my daughter goes, ‘I don’t know his son. You wanted to meet Chris Pratt!’”

Hader gave the kid props for a “solid burn” and told her: “You’re gonna make me so much money.”

“I wanted to strangle her, but I was also never more proud of a kid in my life,” he said.