‘Best teammate ever’: This young boy’s pep talk to his crying friend is winning hearts


In our formative years of childhood, we battle several insecurities but with the right support and good friends, the growing pains become easier to navigate. A video, shared by England’s Sedbergh School shows just this.

Earlier this week, the Sedbergh School in the town of Sedbergh in Cumbria shared a video on their Instagram account that showed one of their students motivating his disheartened friend during a rugby match.

In the 32-second clip, a young boy can be seen crying and complaining to the coach. Soon, he is approached by one of his teammates who then goes on to give him a pep talk.


In the video, one can hear the first boy complaining, “Everyone’s older than me, everyone’s bigger than me”, as his coach tries to comfort him. The next second another boy dressed in a green jacket approaches them and says, “Look at me bud. I’m the shortest kid here. It does not matter who you are. It does not matter if you are short or young. It doesn’t matter if you are taller, it does not matter if you are fat. It does not matter at all. Bud, you are a brilliant rugby player. You understand that? You are insane. You are actually insane for your age. Come here, give me a hug.”

As both boys embrace each other, the coach says, “Best teammate ever”. Then all three of them are seen moving away from the spot, presumingly to rejoin the game.

The video of this wholesome exchange, which has been viewed more than 50,000 times, has touched netizens around the world.

Commenting on the post, an Instagram user wrote, So beautiful to see such incredible comradeship, support and encouragement & at such a tender age. Utter wisdom. Utter kindness. Kudos to both the kids and the coach”.